Simone Di Maggio


Simone Di Maggio

Voice & Guitar


He's the founder and definitely the leader of the band. He's named as one of the most talented neo-rockabilly guitarist in the world.
Despite his young age he can already be proud of his works and collaborations in Italy, Europe and USA.


Simone's music career starts when he was only 14 years old, with his solo debut album "Everybody's movin". The album is really successful in Usa, in fact he's straight away elected "Honorary Member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame" the world's most important 50s music association. Simone also receives the "Kiss of Approvation" for his solo album reviewed as one of the best modern rockabilly albums. President of RHoF Bob Timmers declares: "…Simone is an icon for all young musicians all over the world…". "Milkshake Boogie" original track becomes the official soundtrack of the website and is also included in some of the best genre compilation such as: "RHoF Vol.3", "Wild man bop Vol.3" but last but not least "The Best from the Best" with the best Rock'n'Roll bands ever.


Simone has been touring all Europe – Italy, France, Switzerland and Germany – attending important festivals like BLUE MONDAY FESTIVAL and CERTINES COUNTRY ROCKIN FEST sharing the stage with Rockabilly stars like: WANDA JACKSON, HAYDEN THOMPSON and RUDY GRAYZELL.


In 2004 Simone is named Best Guitarist at EDDIE COCHRAN WEEKENDER 2004 (UK) among more than 40 legends ALBERT LEE, DAVE EDMUNDS, THE COMETS, STAN PERKINS and many more. In 2003 Simone founds the Astrophonix and turns his style into a new outstanding contemporary rock attitude.
































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