Sunny Bastards Records presents:


"X" the Astrophonix new album!


The Astrophonix



X is the fourth official album by the Italian band the Astrophonix which follows the previous "Reaction" released in 2013. The album deals with different issues, but all concerning humankind. It is a vision of the world lived by the second millennium generation with all their fears, contradictions, don't-care attitude and fighting.

A very cynical and also positive vision of planet Earth and its inhabitants who live a difficult present that leads people fighting against each other.

The sound of the new album mixes the previous distinctive style of the band in a more mature and energic way, from Rock 'n' Roll to Punk, reaching "Space-Twang" atmosphere like a space-western theme.

The album concept is a story about a space trip to Planet Earth. The main characters are the "Astros": 3 explorers coming from a faraway planet of the Universe. Their mission is to study humankind, their society and their music and to share their knowledge with them.

Unfortunately their expectations are wrong and they realize it as soon as they land. The Astros are aliens but probably very similar to humans, and their confrontation will make them asking to themselves: who is the real invader?

The album includes 10 original tracks, written and arranged by the Astrophonix. The album will be released in March 2017 and produced by Sunny Bastards Rec.